Monday, 19 December 2016

Paddy Power's Most Eliminations Prop For The 2017 Royal Rumble

The oddsmakers at have installed their first Royal Rumble prop bet for the upcoming battle royal.

It's one of their regular markets for Royal Rumble season where customers can bet on the wrestler that eliminates the most people in the match.

Here are the odds as of 4:40pm GMT this evening:

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Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns are both at the top of the list as joint 3/1 favourites They tied in the 2016 Rumble with five eliminations each. 

I've had a small stakes punt on Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

It's a bit of a gamble, but - as I've mentioned in previous posts - I have a feeling Goldberg might be one of the early entrants just so he can get to do his ring entrance.

I had a punt on Brock Lesnar because this match will be important to rehab him after the short loss against Goldberg at November.

My reasoning behind backing John Cena is simply because he's one of my favourites to win the match and the 8/1 is an attractive price.

The market can be found alongside the regular Royal Rumble outright market on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


  1. Jericho is going to be in a cage suspended above the ring for the rematch at RR... This is making me feel nearly 100% that Jericho is winning the RR. As this match can be just before the RR match, which Owens can beat Reigns clean (because no doubt Reigns will have to defend the US title earlier in the night) and then it sets it up nicely that Jericho goes on to win, and HAS to face Owens at Wrestlemania - which begins the road to them hating eachother

    1. Owens isn't winning clean, if he's winning at all.

    2. With the way Jericho picked up and looked at the Universal title at Roadblock still has me feeling this is the way it'll go.

      I know it was all a 'plot' but I don't know...

      The belt looked great in Jericho's hands too!

    3. Also i just had a thought. It would be the perfect time for Triple H to return and help Owens win again in which Seth can come running down and attack Triple H and start/continue their Wrestlemania Journey

    4. In my opinion, the only perfect time for Triple H to return is to do something to Seth Rollins because that's where things are leading.

      It'll either be in a title match on Raw (If they do have something big on the first Monday without football) or in the Royal Rumble match.

      If Roman Reigns isn't winning the match at the Royal Rumble, Strowman could be the reason why because that is the likely direction.

  2. With that being said... If Roman loses the US title earlier in the night, and then actually beats Owens, Braun at 33/1 is looking very tempting.

    1. Did you miss me suggesting to take Strowman at 33/1 last week? He's even more of a potential winner after last night.

      Also - I don't think there will be a US Championship match at the Rumble of Roman Reigns is still champion by then.


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