Monday, 2 January 2017

Paddy Power's 'To Enter The Royal Rumble' Odds

Paddy Power has added yet another Royal Rumble market to its coverage of this month's PPV.

This time, customers can bet on wrestlers making an in-ring appearance during the battle royal.

Tye Dillinger is a 3/10 favourite. This does not surprise me considering many people are predicting he'll come out at number ten to play in with his 'Perfect 10' gimmick.

Samoa Joe is next on the list at 4/7. A regular visitor - Marc- who told me about this market being available noted that Joe was originally 4/6, so the customers have already acted on him being a participant in the match.

Kurt Angle is 5/6. He has told independent wrestling companies that he'll be unavailable for bookings from the springtime.

Shelton Benjamin is EVENS. I know he was meant to join Smackdown after the draft, but he was forced to have surgery. I don't know if the time fits.

Shawn Michaels 6/4. The Heartbreak Kid will be at the Royal Rumble because it's being held in his hometown of San Antonio. Texas. He has been adamant about not wanting to come out of retirement despite evidently nonsense reports out there that he was going to wrestle AJ Styles at the Rumble. If I were to make a guess, there's more chance of him being a guest referee as it would be a waste for him to return in the Rumble match if he isn't going to win it.

Jeff Hardy 3/1:  Hardy is still contracted to TNA, so this is impossible.

Matt Hardy 7/2: As with Jeff, it's legally unlikely that Matt Hardy will return to WWE at this time.

Rey Mysterio 5/1: Contracted to Lucha Underground and/or The El Ray Network, so another unlikely choice.

CM Punk 10/1: Contracted to the UFC and he is in WWE's bad books. Strike that - WWE is in his bad books.

You can view all of Paddy Power's Royal Rumble markets by following this link to Paddy's WWE Betting Page.

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