Thursday, 16 March 2017

Next Year's Mania Main Event Plan And How It Could Affect Mania 33 And Rumble 2018 Betting

In this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that the current plan for WrestleMania 34 is to have Roman Reigns square off against Brock Lesnar in the main event. It led me to some conclusions that could impact some bets I place moving forward.

Firstly, if this is the current plan, then this strengthens my opinion that Roman Reigns should get the result against The Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania. A win for Reigns will allow the company to promote the match with the only two wrestlers to hold a victory over Undertaker opposing one another. I strongly believe this is why Vince McMahon decided to run with Roman Reigns this year rather than the Cena/Taker match that had been talked about for over a year.

When the market for the Undertaker .vs. Roman Reigns match was first published yesterday morning, the bookmakers had Reigns as the favourite. Initially, the punters appeared to have landed on Taker, but now - possibly since the news broke about next year's Mania - the customers appear to be back siding with Reigns for the win on April 2nd.

Roman Reigns
The Undertaker
15/3 9am
16/3 2pm

The table above shows how has changed the odds at certain points between yesterday morning and this afternoon.

Meltzer did point out that the Mania main event for 2018 already being planned out this far in advance doesn't necessarily mean that Reigns is getting the win against The Undertaker, but it shouldn't be ruled out.

Another thing the newsletter editor suggested as not being definitive, but could happen, is Brock Lesnar having a year-long run as Universal Champion.

It's safe to presume that Lesnar will leave Orlando holding the strap in a little over two weeks. If the plan is for The Beast to have a lengthy reign all the way through to next year's show, then Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble should be worth consideration.

Reigns is currently 3/1 to outlast everybody in January's battle royal with these websites and is a slightly shorter 2/1 on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page, 

With all that said, with there being two premier titles in WWE, a Reigns victory at the Royal Rumble isn't guaranteed as the winner could opt to take on the other titleholder, The story could work its way to Reigns versus Lesnar another way.

If the plan is stuck to that is.

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