Monday, 10 July 2017

SummerSlam 2017 And WrestleMania 34 Major Match Specials

During everything that was going down with the odds last night, I decided to hold off on publishing a post about two new markets that the oddsmakers from Kambi put up for SummerSlam and WrestleMania. Both were similar in that they allow customers to wager on what they believe the main matches will be on the respective shows.

The SummerSlam market was taken down shortly before last night's PPV started, but I was able to make note of the prices. It was titled 'Exact Composition Of Match For The Listed Title' and was a list of potential matches that could take place for the Universal Championship.

The following match-ups and odds were included:

Braun Strowman .vs. Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns 1/2
Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns EVS
Braun Strowman .vs. Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns .vs. Samoa Joe 2/1
Brock Lesnar .vs. Braun Strowman 4/1
Brock Lesnar .vs. Samoa Joe 4/1
Any Match Involving John Cena 8/1

If you've been following the blog for the past few weeks, you would have been aware of the reports that claimed the SummerSlam main event was going to see Brock Lesnar defend the strap against Roman Reigns. As I sit here right now, and after watching everything that went down during the Great Balls of Fire PPV last night, I have a feeling that the SummerSlam plan may have changed yet again.

Had I not been distracted looking at other bets ahead of yesterday night's show, I would have likely taken the even money on the Lesnar .vs. Reigns selection in this market, so I'm glad that I didn't as of this moment.

By the way, a conspicuous absence was a selection for a  Lesnar/Reigns/Joe triple threat. I doubt that it matters now, though.

The WrestleMania market, which has also been removed for the time being, is similar yet different to the one for SummerSlam. Whereas the SummerSlam market was specific to the Universal Championship match on the card, the WrestleMania 'Exact Composition Of Match' market will be settled on what ends up being the final match of the night.

Here are the selections along with their odds:

John Cena .vs. Roman Reigns 1/2
Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns 6/4
AJ Styles .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 6/1
Braun Strowman .vs. John Cena 6/1
Brock Lesnar .vs. John Cena 6/1
Brock Lesnar .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 6/1
AJ Styles .vs. Finn Balor 8/1
Braun Strowman .vs. Brock Lesnar 8/1
Braun Strowman .vs. Roman Reigns 8/1
Any Match Featuring The Undertaker 10/1
Any Women Match 15/1
Braun Strowman .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 17/1
Brock Lesnar .vs. Finn Balor 17/1
Roman Reigns .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 17/1
Any Match Featuring Daniel Bryan 25/1
Any Match Featuring Kurt Angle 25/1
Any Match Featuring The Rock 25/1
Any Match Featuring CM Punk 33/1
Any Match Featuring Conor McGregor 33/1
Any Match Featuring Kenny Omega 33/1

Just like with the SummerSlam market, I'm glad I didn't have a bet on this last night before seeing the Strowman and Roman Reigns post-match angle. Going in, I was expecting the WrestleMania main event to either be John Cena .vs. Roman Reigns or Reigns versus Lesnar III. This could still be the case, but I cannot shake off the feeling that plans have changed.

We're sure to get a better idea how things are going during tonight's edition of WWE Raw.

When available, the markets can be found on the websites that offer WWE betting odds from Kambi. A couple of examples can be found below:

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