Friday, 18 August 2017

Kambi's MITB Cash-In Markets Republished

The Kambi oddsmakers have republished their Money in the Bank markets for the first time since Baron Corbin's failure at the close of the most recent episode of WWE Smackdown.

The markets are now obviously only focused on the women's Money in the Bank cash-in. 

Two of the three markets remain unchanged.

It's still 1/100 for the cash-in to be successful and 10/1 for Carmella to fail in her attempt to become WWE Smackdown Women's Champion.

The oddsmakers still have 7/10 for the cash-in to occur during a pay-per-view, WWE Network special or (Any other) while a winning punt on a cash-in during an edition of Raw or Smackdown is even money.

It's the 'Time of Cash-in' market that have been readjusted. This is mainly because one selection - 'Between 1st Day After Money in the Bank But Before SummerSlam' - has now expired.

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Women's Cash-in Date

They've moved 'During SummerSlam' up from 3/5 to 6/4 and have also increased 'Between 1st Day After SummerSlam But Before Survivor Series' from 5/4 to 6/4.

The selections that have been snipped are ones that are for later this year and into 2018. 'Between Survivor Series But Before WrestleMania' is now 3/4 from 5/4, 'During WrestleMania' went from 15/1 to 10/1 and '1st Day After WrestleMania Or Later' was cut from 17/1 into 12/1.

I think it's worth mentioning something that has been reported in case anyone is betting on the later selections on this board.

There is a report out there that is claiming WWE is unhappy with its toy partner, Mattel, because of something to do with a Naomi title belt. The story states that, because the Naomi title belt cannot be produced in time for Christmas, WWE is extending Naomi's reign and it could last right up to WrestleMania.

It's codswallop.

I have shown this story to two separate parties to see what they thought of it. Both came back confirming to me that - to put it as politely as I can - Naomi's reign as champion being extended because of a toy has no credibility whatsoever. 

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