Friday, 4 August 2017

MITB Cash-In Betting Updates For August 4th

Kambi's Money in the Bank cash-in specials were republished yesterday. With a lot of people thinking that Baron Corbin could cash in his immediate title shot during SummerSlam, I thought I would check out the prices and see how the odds have changed since Sunday.

The oddsmakers have cut the price for Corbin to cash-in 'During SummerSlam' from 9/10 into 1/2. These odds are available both in the 'Time of Cash-in' as well as a newer market that was released yesterday where punters can bet on the men's contract being executed.

It's still 1/2 for the men's briefcase cash-in to be successful. This counts wherever and whenever it happens. The option to bet on the cash-in to result in a loss is 7/5.

Let me play devil's advocate before I get to the women's cash-in market.

What if everything we have seen post-Smackdown is subterfuge to make us believe that Corbin could cash-in during SummerSlam? Could this be a trick to have our focus of attention on Corbin when it should really be elsewhere? What if it's Carmella instead?

Personally, I think it would be too soon to have Carmella cash in because I believe her Ms. Money in the Bank run - because she's the first ever winner - should go on longer. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see Naomi get past Natalya only to have Carmella cash-in and win the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship in her home city.

The oddsmakers are still offering 1/100 for the women's contract cash-in to be successful. As I've constantly mentioned ever since this gimmick was established, the first time a woman cashes in the briefcase has to be a winner.

A cash-in during SummerSlam has been lowering in the market where customers can bet on the time when the contract is executed.

Women's Money in the Bank 2017 Cash-In Date Betting

As of the time of writing, the oddsmakers have 'During SummerSlam' at 3/5. It was 3/4 on Sunday and had fallen from 5/4 into 4/5 before that. You can also find this price in the 'Card Predictions' market I mentioned above.

The odds for Carmella to execute her contract on the day following SummerSlam right up to before the Survivor Series has also been snipped since Sunday. It has moved in from 2/1 to 6/4.

A cash-in before SummerSlam will now pay out at 5/2. Customers would have found it at a shorter 6/4 on Sunday. All other selections have remained stationary since the last time I monitored the prices.

I have another devil's advocate question about the MITB, but it can wait for another time.