Friday, 6 October 2017

Roman Reigns Conqueror Betting Odds Update For October 6th

Kambi's oddsmakers have moved Roman Reigns' price to lose a match at any time before WrestleMania 34 out from 1/4 to EVS.

As written about a few times since late-Summer, I've been paying close attention to the Roman Reigns Conqueror markets because I have a feeling that, with NFL Monday Night Football going up against WWE Raw (or should that be Raw going up against MNF?) up to early-January, there is a strong chance that WWE will announce a Roman Reigns match for an edition of Raw within twenty-four hours of it taking place and therefore making any bets on the Roman Reigns conqueror markets eligible.

I have a strong feeling that Reigns will lose a match before WrestleMania 34, so I believe the even money price is great considering the selection was 1/4 previous to today.

It should also be worth noting that the option was evens when it was first installed in July.

Next To Defeat Roman Reigns WWE Betting Odds
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As you can see in the spreadsheet where I've been tracking these markets, the 'Before Mania 34' odds had dropped from EVS to 2/5 by early-September. It was then slashed to 1/4 by September 24th before rebounding with today's republication.

The two names that have been snipped in the market where clients can have a punt on the person who is next to get a pinfall, submission or ref stoppage over Reigns are Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

The latter was moved from 11/2 to 3/1 while Balor has descended from 7s into 3/1. 

Despite two names evidently being cut, the selection where punters can back Reigns not suffering a defeat until after WrestleMania has been lowered from 2/1 into 13/20.

These markets can be found alongside Brock Lesnar and Asuka conqueror markets on the websites that publish Kambi's WWE odds. A couple of examples are found below:

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