Sunday, 12 November 2017

Mahal .vs. HHH For December 9th

Jinder Mahal will wrestle Triple H on the second night of WWE's two-day tour of India next month.

A challenge was made by Triple H yesterday evening. Mahal, along with the Singh Brothers, posted an acceptance a few minutes ago.

Jinder Mahal Accepts HHH's Challenge To A Match For December 9th In New Delhi

The bout will take place on December 9th and is being billed as 'The Biggest Match in India's History'.

With Triple H now in the mix, I think it's safe to presume that he's being used as a make good because the audience will not see Mahal as WWE Champion on this tour.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that we might get a better idea on the future of the WWE Championship by December 8th. This - in my opinion - is now unlikely. In hindsight, expecting WWE to do another WWE Championship title change on foreign soil - and not on live TV - might have been expecting too much.

My confidence in John Cena winning the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble is waning by the day...


  1. Gotta think that Nakamura Rumble odds will improve now

    I think Styles will be Champion going into wrestlemania

    Either Cena or nakamura are favourites from Smackdown side

    Who's your pick ?

    1. It is still John Cena at number one. When it changes, there will be a post.

  2. Yeah but do you think WWE are that high on him to give this title match at WrestleMania ?

    If I am not wrong, WWE actually teased Cena - Styles and Cena - Nakamura in July

    Will be interesting to see ? I still think Roman will no 1 Contender's match to face Lesnar

    1. I've just seen Shinsuke Nakamura go 0-2 in title matches, so that doesn't fill me with confidence in their opinion of Nak even though he's my third pick.

      And yes, you're right. They teased AJ/Cena in July but this was for the US Championship.

      They gave away Cena/Nakamura on Smackdown.

      We've also seen Cena tie WWE's record against AJ so not sure if they would go with him breaking the record against the same person. They could obviously have Cena not win it against Styles if that's the way they go. So they can have the chase for the record on more than one show.

    2. Actually... reading that back, I actually like the idea of Cena vs Styles at Mania with Cena not winning.

      Loads will think he'd be a guarantee to get the W on that show.

  3. This mighty not happen but they can also do something like AJ getting injured Because of Brock , relinquishes title and Wins Royal Rumble

    1. Doubt they would have ended Jinder's title reign to do that.

  4. Then it's gotta be Styles vs Cena, isn't it

    I mean they can do Mahal vs Cena for WWE championship but if Mahal isn't going into India as Champion then it doesn't make any sense for him to win WWE championship after Indian tour

    Nakamura vs Styles seems more like a Summerslam match since Nakamura still isn't famous among casual fans

    1. I still think it's too soon to count Jinder out despite everything that has happened.

    2. Also can't rule Styles v Nakamura out. It's just my opinion that they've dropped the ball with Nakamura so far. They might have other ideas.


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