Friday, 22 December 2017

Ronda Rousey Installed As Favourite To Win First-Ever Women's Royal Rumble

Ronda Rousey has been installed as a 9/10 favourite to be the winner of the first-ever women's Royal Rumble.

Kambi's oddsmakers have priced up a market where clients of the websites that publish the group's WWE betting odds can have a wager on the outright winner of the January battle royal.

Next on the list, in second-favourite, is Asuka at 2/1 with Nia Jax (5/1), Becky Lynch (15/2), Paige (15/2) following all the way down to James Ellsworth and Santino Marella - who are 100/1 apiece.

Rousey also leads a market where customers can have a punt on the 'Last Official Participant To Enter The Match'.

If the MMA star is the final entrant on January 28th, the oddsmakers will settle at a price of 5/4.

Other names in this market are: Alexa Bliss (4/1), Nikki Bella (5/1), Brie Bella (13/2), Charlotte Flair (13/2) all the way down - once again - to Ellsworth and Marella (both 66/1).

The markets can be found alongside other WWE and NJPW match and specials markets on the websites that publish Kambi pricing. A couple of examples can be found below.


  1. I think Asuka should be favorite. There is no challange for Alexa at RAW any more

    Charlotte has title.. and Money in the Bank contract in Carmella hands. If Ronda win title.. i dont know who will win it back

    1. If Ronda wins the title, it doesn't matter for the short-term who's going to win it back because she should go on a lengthy reign. When it has to end, it could easily be Charlotte imo.

    2. This depends on whether Ronda is in for good.

    3. Ronda Rousey not with UFC anymore? I was thinking she can compete like 1-2 matches, like Goldberg

    4. She hasn't fought in almost a year. I can see her doing a Brock Lesnar kind of deal where she's brought in for the big events.

    5. As much as I would love to see Ronda do this... I would feel so bad for the other women who work so much harder in WWE for chances like this. It reminds me of Ellsworth climbing the first womens MITB ladder match and pulling the briefcase down.

      I'm very 50/50 but I feel an actual full timer deserves it. But it's WWE, who give big names anything.

  2. I don't expect Rousey to even enter the match, much less win it. She can't really dominate in a Rumble the way they'd want her to unless she's going to easily go over the rest of the division when she enters last, which I suppose is possible but unlikely, imo.

    Asuka at 2/1 is really a pretty good shout, and I'd consider it. The problem is the WWE is treating the match's existence as far more important than its implications, which means a random winner is possible. Tough bet.

  3. I can see why you guys think it's a bad idea to have Rousey win it.

    I just think it's too big an opportunity for WWE to garner mainstream/sports coverage for WrestleMania season.

  4. Nikki Bella felt like value at 10/1. Obviously the bet is does she return for the Rumble. John Cena did it ;)

    A great conspiracy theory could be that Paige wins after they reveal in the Rumble that both of these 3 woman factions were setup by Paige and they help her win the Rumble (15/2).


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