Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Mixed Match Challenge Teams Set Up And How Their Odds Looked

WWE has now announced nearly all of the teams that will compete in the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge series.

As covered in previous Mixed Match Challenge series posts, the oddsmakers from Kambi had published a handful of markets where clients could predict - or rather bet on - who some of the female wrestlers entered into the tournament would end up being paired off with.

In this post, I'll run through the markets and point out the potential winning selections. I state 'potential' because, per the rules of the bets, you still have to wait until each team wrestles for any wagers to be graded as a winners or loser.

Firstly, It's worth starting with the market where clients could have had a bet on Nia Jax's partner.

The traders had priced up Enzo Amore as a 3/10 favourite. However, WWE removed Amore from the tournament and - in his place - is Apollo Crews.

I wrote about the partnership of Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair in a post published last Wednesday. The traders called this one correctly as Roode was a 1/4 favourite.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2018 Betting - Charlotte Flair's Partner

Lana was paired off with her real-life husband, Rusev.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2018 Betting - Lana's Partner

Once again, the trader showed good judgement by having the correct favourite. The Bulgarian Brute was installed at 1/7.

The oddsmaker thought that Sasha Banks would end up competing alongside a member of the male Raw roster that would be voted in by fans. This was originally meant to have been Samoa Joe, but he has had to bow out due to injury and will be replaced by second placed, Elias. Jason Jordan was the other option.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2018 Betting - Sasha Bank's Partner

The winning selection was Finn Balor at 4/1.

Another option which was third, and ended up winning, was in the market for Becky Lynch's partner.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2018 Betting - Becky Lynch's Partner

The company announced this evening that Sami Zayn will wrestle alongside Becky in the tournament. The reveal was done in a short clip. I recommend seeking it as it's great.

Finally, the big surprise came in the market where customers could have a punt on who they believed would end up with Asuka.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2018 Betting - Asuka's Partner

The winning selection was The Miz. He was being offered at a nice 10/1. 

It should be worth pointing out that Enzo Amore was backed from 15s into 11/1. I made a bad call by guessing Asuka would end up teaming with the second-favourite, Goldust.

As noted, the wagers will be graded as winners once the respective teams compete in the tournament. 

The first show begins next week and will air on Facebook Watch.

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