Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Look Over Kambi's Women's MITB Markets For February 10th

Another trio of WWE betting markets that were republished by the Kambi oddsmakers today were specials for the Women's Money in the Bank cash-in.

In this post, I'll look through the latest odds and point out how they differ from my previous visits to the websites that publish these markets.

Date of Cash-in
The date of cash-in special has had a few adjustments since I last noted down the odds.

Date Of Women's MITB Cash In Betting Odds
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'Between Survivor Series, But Before WrestleMania 34' has now drifted out to 1/10 from 1/14 while the option to bet on Carmella cashing in her shot during the WrestleMania broadcast has extended from 11/4 to 3/1.

The third, and final, selection on the board - 'On 1st Day After WrestleMania Or Later' - has been snipped from 6/1 into 9/2.

Show Of Cash-in
The market where customers can have a gamble on the event where the contract is executed has changed since it was previously available.

Women's MITB Cash-in Show Betting Odds For February 10th 2018

The bookies have cut the 'PPV/Network or any other' selection from 1/4 into 1/6. An official cash-in occurring during an episode of Raw or Smackdown will now pay out at 13/4, which is an improvement from January's 5/2.

Cash-in To Be Successful?
The odds for the cash-in to be successful or not have stayed the same since moving to 'Yes' 1/100 and 'No' 10/1 in late July.

Women's MITB Contract Betting Odds

If you've been reading my coverage of the women's Money in the Bank contract, I am sure you would have read something that I have repeated in many posts. I was adamant that the first female cash-in would have to be a successful one just to get the gimmick over. 

I am now wondering whether WWE has booked itself into a corner.

In storyline, the first-ever women's Royal Rumble winner - Asuka - has the choice of challenging either the Raw or Smackdown champion. According to reports, the plan is for Asuka to head over to Smackdown to challenge Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34.

If this is the case, and Asuka defeats Flair to become WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, I don't like Carmella's chances of overcoming Asuka if the contract is executed on the Smackdown brand. This is because Asuka is on an undefeated streak and I doubt the company will have the Empress of Tomorrow lose for quite a while.

One way to get out of this predicament is to have Carmella cash in her shot against the Raw champion whether it's by a surprise cash-in while still a Smackdown star or have her cross over to the red brand in the weeks following WrestleMania.

I'm even more interested to see how this one plays out now.

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