Saturday, 14 April 2018

WWE Superstar Shakeup Betting Odds Published

The Kambi oddsmakers have published betting markets where customers can bet on next week's Superstar Shakeup which will see talent from Raw move over to Smackdown and vice versa.

The market where punters can have a wager on a Smackdown roster member making their way to Raw has both Charlotte Flair and Jinder Mahal as 1/2 joint-favourites.

Superstar Shakeup 2018 Betting Odds Smackdown to Raw

It is interesting to see Charlotte at the top of the list. I suppose the oddsmaker has done this because it would allow Flair and Ronda Rousey to be on the same brand to build up to WrestleMania 35, if Flair .vs. Rousey is the direction.

The other market - where you can bet on the wrestlers that move from Raw to Smackdown - has Seth Rollins and The Miz as 1/2 joint-favourites.

Superstar Shakeup 2018 Betting Odds Raw to Smackdown

The bookmaker having The Miz at the top of his list makes one believe that he is hoping for the former Intercontinental Champion to move back to Smackdown in order to reignite his feud with Daniel Bryan. With that said, the oddsmaker has Bryan a second-favourite to move to Raw.

For these bets to be settled accordingly, the wrestlers' moves have to be done on the live broadcast of the respective programme.

The blurb can be viewed below:

Odds correct as of the time of posting. Images from Mr Green.


  1. For Rousey vs Charlotte Rumble Win is enough and i am sure Rousey will ein the Next Rumble

    1. They won't have Charlotte/Rousey on Smackdown during Mania build next year. So, will have to work out a way to get Charlotte on Raw.

      Therefore, Charlotte winning the Rumble is a possible (would need Rousey being champ this way, though).


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