Thursday, 5 April 2018

New (And Old) WrestleMania 34 Odds From Kambi

The Kambi oddsmakers have began to add their WrestleMania markets back onto the websites in time for this Sunday's show.

In this post, I'll point out the new and old markets and tell you what the odds are for each selection.

Cruiserweight Championship
This is a new market for the Cruiserweight Championship tournament final that will take place on the Kick Off.
Cedric Alexander has been installed as a 1/3 favourite over Mustafa Ali (2/1)

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon .vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
This is another new market. They have the babyfaces at 1/2 while Owens and Zayn are 7/5.

Intercontinental Championship
This is a market where customers bet on 'Title Holder At The End Of Listed Event'. It has been available previous to today and - based on the rules of the match - I think this will be the official match market for Sunday. Therefore, it's safe to compare how the betting has gone.
As of the time of writing the odds are:

Finn Balor 9/10 (down from 23/20 on April 2nd)
The Miz 7/5 (down from 2/1 on April 2nd)
Seth Rollins 9/4 (up from 6/5 on April 2nd)

John Cena .vs. The Undertaker
They've priced up a match market for Cena .vs. Undertaker even though it's not looking like they'll have a 'Match' on Sunday.
The Undertaker has been installed at 1/4 to John Cena's 5/2.

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey .vs. HHH and Stephanie McMahon
This isn't a new market as it has been available, on and off, since early March. You can view how the betting has gone in the table below.

 11/3 7:15PM
 16/3 3:20PM
22/3 4:30PM 
 29/3 10:55PM
 2/4 12PM
 5/4 9:30AM

Angle and Rousey have been 1/8 favourites since March 22nd.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Braun Strowman and his mystery partner are favoured to get a result over The Bar. A win for the former will be paid out at odds of 1/3 while Sheamus and Cesaro are 2/1.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
This is a new market where customers get to bet on the match winner out of Nia Jax (1/14) or Alexa Bliss (5/2).
Before today, customers could have backed Jax at 1/3 to leave the match as champion in a different market. For what it's worth, Bliss was 5/2 to retain when the 'Title Holder' market closed on Monday.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Bludgeon Brothers are 9/10 favourites to win the triple threat match against The Usos (13/10) and New Day (5/2).

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
This match market isn't new. It first opened on March 29th.

Charlotte Flair
29/3 10:55PM
2/4 12PM
5/4 9:30AM

Asuka has now fallen into 1/14 favourite after opening at 1/8.

WWE United States Championship
This market has been available since mid-March.

WWE US Championship Betting Odds For WrestleMania 34

When last available on Monday, Orton was at 3/5, Rusev at 6/4, Mahal at 5/2 and Roode at 11/2.

WWE Universal Championship
Before today, you would have found Roman Reigns at 1/14 to be the titleholder at the close of the show. Now, however, you have him at 1/20 to win the match.
A victory for Brock Lesnar will pay out at odds of 7/1.

WWE Championship
WWE Champion, AJ Styles, is a 2/1 outsider for his title defence against Shinsuke Nakamura (1/3). Previous to this morning, the 'Title Holder' market was offering Nakamura at 1/5 to leave New Orleans with the strap. Styles was 3s.

Most of these prices were correct as of approximately 9:30AM BST today.

Please check out Mr Green's WWE Betting Page for the latest odds

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