Tuesday, 12 June 2018

5Dimes' MITB 2018 Odds Ahead Of Raw

With an hour to go before tonight's Go-Home episode of Raw, I thought I'd check in on the Money in the Bank betting markets that are available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook, note any price changes that have been made since I last looked through them and then - sometime on Tuesday - write another post with the idea of checking to see if anything on Raw had impacted any of the markets for Sunday's PPV.

Here's what I've got.

Daniel Bryan .vs. Big Cass
When I looked through the market on Monday morning, I noticed that Daniel Bryan's odds had dipped from -145 to -150. They remain at this price as of 12AM BST today.
Big Cass is now +110. He was +105 on Sunday night.

Seth Rollins .vs. Elias
The Intercontinental Championship market is unchanged since 11PM BST on Sunday night. The champ is a -675 favourite and Elias is +425.

Bobby Lashley .vs. Sami Zayn
Another non-mover is the market for Bobby Lashley's return to singles action on a WWE PPV against Sami Zayn. He's -590 while Zayn is +390.

The Bludgeon Bros. .vs. Gallows and Anderson
No change in the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship market. The Bludgeon Brothers are -750 to Gallows and Anderson at +450.

Roman Reigns .vs. Jinder Mahal
'The Big Dog' has fallen to -1,350 from -1,200 since this morning. A win for Jinder Mahal - which was priced at +600 on Monday morning - is now up to +650.
It'll be interesting to see the result of tonight's match..

Carmella .vs. Asuka
Asuka remains a -210 favourite to get a decision over WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, Carmella (+160).

Nia Jax .vs. Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey's price to win her match against WWE Raw Women's Champion - Nia Jax - has declined since Sunday night.
Rousey is now a -600 favourite. When I last noted her odds, she was -530.
A win for Jax will now pay out at odds of +400. This is a slight increase from Sunday's +350.

AJ Styles .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Both wrestlers are -120 pick 'ems in the WWE Championship market. This was how I left it on Sunday night.

Men's MITB Ladder Match
Another market that is unchanged from previous visits is the one for the men's ladder match. The prices are:

The Miz +140
Field .vs. Miz -180
Braun Strowman +300
Samoa Joe +470
Kevin Owens +725
Finn Balor +725
Rusev +725
Bobby Roode +2,500

Still no New Day price (unless you want to back The Field against Miz).

Women's MITB Ladder Match
Unlike the men's ladder match, the women's ladder match market is showing slightly different pricing when contrasted with Monday morning. Only slightly, though.

Natalya, who was +200 at 8AM on Monday morning, is now back down to +160. As a result, The Field has moved up from -280 into -210.

Charlotte Flair is now +405, but was +400 on Monday morning. The other selections have stayed where they were.

Alexa Bliss +400
Sasha Banks +500
Becky Lynch +900
Lana +1,100
Ember Moon +1,100
Naomi +3,000

I aim to check back in with these prices sometime tomorrow once I've watched Raw.

Prices correct as of 12AM BST today (Tuesday) and can be found under 'Other Sports' on the 5Dimes Website.


  1. Ugh, was hoping Nattie would lose. She's not winning on Sunday now.

    1. I think we're getting one of the following:

      Nattie wins MITB
      Rousey wins Title

      I have more faith in the former right now.


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