Monday, 8 October 2018

Mixed Match Challenge Week 4 Betting Update

Kambi's betting markets for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge match that will be contested between the team of Ember Moon and Braun Strowman and Bayley and Finn Balor was taken down at 5PM BST.

The match winner market moved in favour of Moon and Strowman as they declined from 4/5 into 11/20 between the day of the market first being published and this afternoon.

Moon and Strowman
Bayley and Balor
5/10 6:00PM
8/10 4:00PM

A Bayley and Finn Balor victory was priced 5/4 before the market was taken down. It was initially 9/10.

The 'Gender of Decision' market saw 'Female' backed from 7/10 into 13/20 in the period where customers could place their bets on the legal competitors in the ring when the fall is won.

5/10 6:00PM
8/10 4:00PM

The 'Match Winner' and 'Gender of Decision' markets for Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles .vs. Carmella and R-Truth are still available as of the time of writing.

Flair and Styles
Carmella and R-Truth
5/10 6:00PM
8/10 4:00PM

The gamblers have backed the favourites from 1/4 into 2/13 over the three days the market has been up. I backed Carmella and R-Truth when I first found the market. I should have waited as I could have got them at 7/2 - an increase from 5/2.

I backed the outsiders because they are currently 0-1. It could be because I've backed myself into the belief that they could go on and win the entire tournament.

As for the 'Gender of Decision' market - it remains unchanged from when it was first installed on Friday. A decision with Styles and R-Truth as the legal participants is 8/13 while the females are 23/20.

Both matches will take place on tomorrow night's episode.

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