Monday, 19 November 2018

Sky Bet Publishes TLC 2018 Intercontinental Championship Match Market

Sky Bet published a WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 betting market earlier today.

The market is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship match that was confirmed during last night's Survivor Series PPV.

When I first came across the market after lunchtime, Seth Rollins was a 4/6 favourite to successfully retain the strap. His challenger - Dean Ambrose - was 11/10.

I thought I'd take a small bet on Ambrose.

When I checked in a couple of hours later, the market had been adjusted with Ambrose moved to even money and Rollins to 8/11.

The contender is now down to 10/11 as of 5PM GMT. Rollins is now up to 4/5.


  1. Don't you think this match will end in either DQ or count out

    Also both guys do not need IC title

    Also david, do you think Seth can win Rumble and face Brock at Mania

    1. Rollins is one of the guys I've backed to win the Rumble because he threw in the line weeks ago about Lesnar. Plus, one of my friends is confident that he's winning and kind of twisted my arm to have him on my list of potential winners.

      With that said, I still think Strowman should get his revenge against Lesnar. If that match happens at the Rumble, McIntyre winning the Rumble (or Elimination Chamber) to challenge Strowman wouldn't surprise me.

      As for the IC match - I think Rollins should drop the title in match one.

    2. Ambrose not winning straight away after all the weeks of torment would be a waste imo.

    3. A DQ for Ambrose because he managed to get in Rollins' head, I guess would work...

  2. Yeah, it would be disaster if Strowman loses to Lesnar again


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