Saturday, 8 December 2018

All Elite Wrestling Specials

A number of wrestling special markets - all about a possible new wrestling promotion - were brought to my attention this evening.

The specials, available from the BetOnline Website, concern AEW (All Elite Wrestling) - a company that is reportedly in development and is being bankrolled by the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shahid Khan.

The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page are obviously involved with the potential new promotion as the Bucks and Omega all own the copyright to using the 'Elite' name for merchandising within pro wrestling.

As for the specials - customers of the websites can place bets on where the aforementioned names sign their next contracts. As well as those proposition markets, clients can also bet on the following:

- What Role Will Jim Ross Have With AEW?
- All Elite Wrestling To Be Announced By 31st January 2019?
- All Elite Wrestling To Announce A TV Deal?

The Jim Ross market is interesting. His name has been floated around as possibly being associated with the project. It should be worth noting that, as of the time of writing, he's still signed to WWE until April 2019. Therefore, I believe it's safe to surmise that Ross cannot be signed to anything until his current contract expires.

The oddsmakers have the following selections on the Ross special:

Commentator +300
General Manager +225
Head Office +175
Will Not Be A Part Of AEW +150

I find it surprising to see 'Commentator' at +300. If this project gets off the ground, Ross as the head commentator is what they should do based on his name alone. As well as being surprised to see Ross as AEW's commentator being the highest price in the market, having him as 'Head Office' shouldn't be out of the question considering he juggled jobs as head of talent and WWE's lead play-by-play commentator years ago.

The proposition for AEW to be announced by January 31st 2019 has the 'Yes' at -250 and the 'No' at +170 while the prices for AEW to announce a TV deal has the 'Yes' favoured at -200 and the 'No' at +150.

The most important thing to note about the specials where people can place wagers on the wrestlers' next contract being signed is that - as far as I am aware - their New Japan contracts expire on the final day of January. I know for sure that Kenny Omega's ends on this date.

Even more important is that - according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter dated November 26th 2018 - all of the wrestlers that have been associated with this project are keen to retain their relationships with New Japan. Therefore, the 'New Japan' selection stands out to me in all of these markets.

For Adam Page, the firm is offering:
New Japan +500
WWE +400
All Elite Wrestling -300
The Field +400

For Cody:
New Japan +500
WWE +900
All Elite Wrestling -1,200
The Field +600

For The Young Bucks:
New Japan +600
WWE +1,200
All Elite Wrestling -700
Field +400

For Kenny Omega:
New Japan +600
WWE +300
All Elite Wrestling -500
The Field +800

If I were a BetOnline customer, I would back 'New Japan' in all of these specials. Especially the one for Omega as his January 4th IWGP Heavyweight Championship defence against Hiroshi Tanahashi might give away the fact that Omega has resigned or - in the very least - indicated an intention to renew, should he retain his strap.

These specials are found under 'Game Props' on the sportsbook menu that's found on the BetOnline Website.

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