Sunday, 10 February 2019

Gauntlet Match For Final Entry In Elimination Chamber Announced

WWE has announced that - on this coming Tuesday's edition of Smackdown - the participants that will compete for the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber next Sunday will take part in a gauntlet match. The prize on offer is the final entry in the Elimination Chamber match.

This news means that I am more interested in a popular market that is available from a couple of bookies.

Both Sky Bet and Kambi have markets where customers can place wagers on the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match. This means that people could technically place wagers on the gauntlet match winner by choosing the person to enter last for Sunday's match. Here are the selections on offer along with their odds in parenthesis.

Daniel Bryan (9/4 Sky Bet, 7/4 Kambi)
AJ Styles (3/1 Sky Bet, 9/4 Kambi)
Randy Orton (4/1 Sky Bet, 3/1 Kambi)
Samoa Joe (4/1 Sky Bet and Kambi)
Jeff Hardy (6/1 Sky Bet, 5/1 Kambi)
Mustafa Ali (7/1 Sky Bet, 6/1 Kambi)

I didn't believe Daniel Bryan would enter the match last before the stipulation match was announced for Smackdown. I'm even more convinced now as - with Bryan losing to someone in the gauntlet match - this will allow for people to believe there's a chance of him coming up short on Sunday.

Personally, I dislike the idea of the final entrant being known ahead of the match. By doing this, they're taking away the excitement of guessing who will come out after the second pod is opened.

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  1. Put a tenner on Samoa Joe.

    Hes the most "monster-like"out of the options and they can play off that.


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