Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Batista .vs. HHH Mania Market Published

Sky Bet customers can now bet on the Batista .vs. Triple H no holds barred match that has been confirmed for WrestleMania 35.

A match winner market was published this morning with Batista currently an 11/8 underdog to Triple H's 8/15.

The bout was set up during a segment with Batista and Triple H on last night's edition of WWE Raw. In it, Batista referred to the bout as being his last. Hearing that once again strengthened my opinion that Triple H will come out on top this April.

In interviews conducted over the years, Dave Bautista has always said he'd like to end his career by putting over Triple H.

The fact that HHH is also out to avenge Batista's attack of Ric Flair also makes it a strong opinion who's going to win the match.


  1. Who do you feel could be Kurt Angles retirement opponent? Feel free to Email if you don't want to say before odds are released etc.

    1. Hope it isn't Baron Corbin!

    2. The only person I was thinking it could be was The Undertaker. I don't really think Angles last match could be any bigger then that.

    3. I think I know what's going to happen with Taker. I'll email you that one.

      IF they aren't doing Joe .vs. Cena, then I think Cena vs Angle would be cool considering how Cena debuted against him. I'm not betting it, but Sky does have Angle .vs. Cena on the RABs.


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