Friday, 15 March 2019

More Observer Mania 35 Markets From Kambi

The Kambi oddsmakers have installed more Wrestling Observer Newsletter star rating markets to their coverage of WWE WrestleMania 35 after first publishing a special at the start of the month.

As of the time of writing, the bookies have created Over/Under lines for five of the matches that are set for April 7th.

The matches, and the O/U lines, are:

AJ Styles .vs. Randy Orton - 4 Stars
Raw Women's Championship - 4.25 Stars
Shane McMahon .vs. The Miz - 3.25 Stars
HHH .vs. Batista - 3.75 Stars
Brock Lesnar .vs. Seth Rollins - 4.25 Stars

But that's not all.

Customers can also place bets on the 'Highest rated match on the card' in Dave Meltzer's review of the PPV.

Kambi Observer Betting - WrestleMania 35 Highest Rated Match

As you can see, there are three joint favourites in the WWE Championship, Raw Women's Championship and Universal Championship contests. They're 5/2 each.

Next up are AJ Styles .vs. Randy Orton and the expected Roman Reigns .vs. Drew McIntyre bouts at 7/2 each.

The bookies have included a double option at 4/1 in which customers can wager on 'Rey Mysterio .vs. Andrade or WWE United States Championship'. This is because both of these matches are unconfirmed as of right now and - based on how a tag match concluded on Smackdown, with Mysterio pinning US Champion Samoa Joe - there's a chance that Mysterio could end up being Joe's challenger at Mania. Either that or Mysterio is one of multiple challengers competing against the US Champ.

Another 4/1 option is to bet on the Cruiserweight Championship match. We know Buddy Murphy will defend his strap, but his challenger will either be Tony Nese or Cedric Alexander.

The no holds barred match is 19/2, the male tag matches are combined as one selection at 11/1, Shane McMahon .vs. The Miz is 20/1, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is 40s, Any match featuring the ladies (apart from the Raw Women's Championship contest) is 50/1 and 'Any Unlisted Match' is 25/1.

Another regular Observer betting market that was published today is one where clients can guess the 'Exact star rating of the highest rated match on the card'.

Kambi Observer Betting - WrestleMania 35 Exact Star Rating Of Highest Rated Match

Before today, customers could bet on which match - out of the Universal Championship and Raw Women's Championship contests - will get the most stars when Dave Meltzer reviews the event. A similar market has been installed with the no holds barred match and Shane McMahon .vs. The Miz competing against one another for the most stars.

When the market went up this morning, the bookies had Triple H .vs. Batista as an 11/25 favourite. A win for the McMahon .vs. Miz bout will pay out at 11/5 while the option that covers the possibility of a tie - 'Same Star Rating' is 41/20.

The Universal Championship .vs. Raw Women's Championship was republished showing the same pricing as last week.  The Universal Championship match moved in from 5/4 into 23/20 when the market was put back up on Saturday.

Kambi Observer Betting - WrestleMania 35 Head-to-Head Universal Championship.vs. Raw Women's Championship

Now that these markets have been published, I plan to follow them right up to the night of the show and then publish a few posts once the issue of the Observer with Dave Meltzer's review of the event is released.


  1. Where do I bet on the over/unders? I have been looking for hours and I can only find Universal match vs Womens match

    1. Click on each match individually and scroll down below the match winner odds and you'll see 'STAR RATINGS'. Click on that and they'll show up.

    2. You're welcome. Good luck if you're betting on them.


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