Thursday, 14 March 2019

Miz .vs. McMahon Mania Market Published And Note About Rousey's Odds

Sky Bet published another WrestleMania match market last night.

This time, it's for the Shane McMahon versus The Miz bout which was added to the card during Tuesday's edition of Smackdown.

Both selections are still at the same prices I found them at yesterday with Shane McMahon a 7/2 underdog and his opponent at 1/6.

Another thing I noticed last night is - in the WWE Raw Women's Championship market - Ronda Rousey's odds to retain have been snipped from 5/1 into 9/2.

The other participants in the match, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, are still 1/5 and 7/1 respectively.


  1. It's obvious that Miz will win. Shane always puts peoole over

    Who do you think will win between AJ and Orton ? I feel like that's the most toughest match to predict the winner ?

    1. You'll have to ask me when the match is official and at least one market is up.

    2. A market has now been published.

      I'm going Orton.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Shane win and then Miz wins the blowoff at MITB. The card’s odds look very face-heavy at the moment.

    I guess Ronda at WM makes sense if Becky finally gets her 1v1 the next night on Raw and wins. Im sure most will stick with Becky. Saw her at 1.70 today to win by submission

    1. I've bet on it, so I am kind of biased now, but the idea of Ronda winning the Mania main event in front of a shocked crowd to Becky getting the W the following night on Raw would be amazing.

      Would come at the expense of the Mania fans though and the right way to do it would be for Becky to do it at Mania. The reaction on the Raw would be great, though!

    2. Damo - something just came to me. Even though I would not be surprised if it's simply Miz winning at Mania, the thing you said about a blow-off at Money in the Bank got me thinking.

      They could do the blow-off in Saudi Arabia which is where this all started.


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