Sunday, 10 March 2019

Las Vegas A Betting Favourite To Host WrestleMania 37

Earlier this week, we found out that WrestleMania 36 will take place on April 6th 2020 from Tampa, Florida. Following the venue announcement, the oddsmakers from Kambi have priced up a couple of betting markets that allow customers to bet on the area or venue of the 2021 edition of WrestleMania.

As of the market opening, Kambi's favourite to host the event is 'Any Location In Las Vegas'. It's 5/4.

Even though the selection covers any venue within the city, and the building I am going to mention isn't going to technically be IN Las Vegas when it opens, it's safe to presume that the bookie had the Las Vegas Stadium on his or her mind when they chose this venue as their favourite.

The stadium is currently under construction and is expected to open in time for the 2020 NFL season. Its home team will be the Raiders, who are moving from Oakland.

With autumn 2020 being the date of its opening, it makes sense to see it in the conversation to host a WrestleMania.

Another thing that makes sense is the fact that WrestleMania 35 and 36 are set for the east coast, so the top portion of the betting market consists of some venues on America's west coast.

For example, a return to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California is a joint-second favourite at 7/2, Seattle's CenturyLink Field is 5/1, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is 6/1 and so on.

Other selections that are available are 'Any Location in Canada' and 'Wembley Stadium'. Both are 6/1.

The other WrestleMania 37 venue special offers the customer an opportunity to bet on the geographic location of the event.

As you can see below, 'USA West Coast (Pacific and Mountain Timezone)' is the favourite at 2/5. They've given 'USA East Coast (Eastern and Central Timezone)' 5/4 and the option to wager on a Mania 'Outside USA Or Any Unlisted USA Timezone' is 19/4.

WrestleMania 37 - Host Venue Betting

I'll write a bit more about the location market when I have some time to do so next week. For now, you can view the markets under 'WrestleMania' on the sports betting websites with Kambi's WWE markets.


  1. Why is LA Memorial Coliseum listed as the LA destination for 2021? Is't the new Rams/Chargers stadium supposed to be open at the same time as the Vegas stadium? I'm assuming that would be the favorite over Vegas.

  2. Why is LA Memorial Coliseum the listed venue for LA in this? Wouldn't the new Rams/Chargers stadium be open by then? I kind of thought it would be the favorite for 2020. I think LA is a more desirable location than Vegas for WWE, and they'd want to go there ASAP (2021). Would love to know the line on that bet.

    1. I got your message when I woke up this morning and emailed them straight away to see if it could be added. I haven't had anything back other than to say the message was received and it has been passed on to the traders.

      Was hoping to do another post with your selection as you make a good point.

    2. It is up there now at 7/2.


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