Saturday, 4 May 2019

New Smackdown Tag Champs To Be Crowned On Tuesday And More

WWE has announced that new WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions will be crowned this Tuesday.

As a result off this development, a Sky Bet market - in which customers could place wagers on the 'Next Title to Change Hands' - has been taken down.

I last looked at the market approximately thirty minutes before WWE revealed the vacant titles will have new titleholders by the end of Tuesday's Smackdown. The selection for Smackdown's tag straps was still a 1/4 favourite at the time.

Next WWE Title To Change Hands Betting

Customers can still find the 'Smackdown Tag Team Champions After The Hardy Boyz' betting market available on the website. It too is still showing the same pricing as when I wrote about it last night.

There are a couple of joint-favourites in Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura and Heavy Machinery. They're 5/6 apiece. I've felt that - of the list of names available as of the time of writing - that Rusev and Nakamura would be my pick to win. However, I am now starting to think that a team that isn't on the list might end up succeeding Matt and Jeff Hardy as tag champs.

The WWE Twitter account - when announcing the plan to have new tag champs on this coming week's TV - stated that 'Shane McMahon will crown new Smackdown Tag Team Champions'. Seeing as he has been with The B-Team, I would not be surprised if Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel somehow end up as champs.

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