Saturday, 29 June 2019

McIntyre And McMahon Lowered In Extreme Rules 2019 Betting At 5Dimes

There has been an adjustment made to an Extreme Rules 2019 match market from 5Dimes that I wrote about yesterday.

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon - who were +300 underdogs to Roman Reigns and The Undertaker - are now down to +230.

As a result, their opponents have now been moved to -310. They were -420 yesterday evening.

Reigns and Undertaker
McIntyre and McMahon
28/6 5:20PM
29/6 9:00AM

The remaining markets are still showing the same odds as yesterday. Read about them in this post.


  1. Your Summerslam predictions for Universal title and WWE title?

    1. It's the wrong week to ask this one due to what has happened.

      As you know, I would have said Lesnar in the WWE Championship match and am not confident at all now.

      I wouldn't have even hazarded a guess on the Universal Title match before the Heyman/Bischoff news.

  2. Shane somehow gets the pin on Reigns after taking a tombstone from Taker and a spear from Reigns.

  3. Heyman announces that Lesnar cashes in on Rollins at Summerslam on the Raw after Extreme Rules.

    1. Doubt it. When the cash in happens, I am sure it'll be done instantly.


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