Sunday, 14 July 2019

Looking At A Couple Of RABs For Extreme Rules 2019

For the past few days, there has been an Extreme Rules 2019 RequestABet special that is available on the Sky Bet website that has made me think how the mixed tag team match will end.

The selection I am referring to is 'Becky Lynch to submit Baron Corbin to win their scheduled match' and it's 13/8.

It has been 13/8 ever since I first came across it.

As I mentioned, it stands out to me because I would not be surprised if that's how the match concludes tonight.

Corbin losing like that would be an easy way to get fans to taunt him as he moves away from Seth Rollins and the Universal Championship.

I'll place a small wager on it after publishing this post.

One selection that also stands out, for the wrong reason, is a 33/1 on Brock Lesnar 'to leave with both the Universal and the Raw Women's Championship'.

When I first found that one, I thought 'how does that one work?!' but then I realised that there is a way it could happen. It would need Lesnar to cash in before the match and it would make it a three-way.

It's extremely unlikely, but that is how that bet could win.

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