Wednesday, 3 July 2019

G1 Climax 29 Block And Outright Winners Betting Update For July 3rd

It has been a while since I published an update about the NJPW G1 Climax 29 winner markets from Kambi, so - seeing as some of them were adjusted last night - I thought I'd do a catch up.

First, I'll start with the market for the B Block winner because it hasn't changed since last week.

As you can see below, Jay White and Tetsuya Naito are still 6/4 joint-favourites to win the second block. 

The only participant whose odds have slipped is Tomohiro Ishii. He was lowered from 15/2 into 11/2 within the first three days the market was opened.

G1 Climax 29 - Block B Winner Betting

The A Block Winner market initially had Hiroshi Tanahashi and Will Ospreay moved to 11/4 from 7/2 and 5/1 respectively. 

G1 Climax 29 - Block A Winner Betting

The early favourite to win the block - Kota Ibushi - stayed at 4/6 when Tanahashi and Ospreay moved in before 7:40PM BST on June 26th.  However, when the market was adjusted last night, Ibushi's price was shortened to 1/2.

Despite lowering in the A Block Winner market, Ibushi has drifted in the outright winner market. He had started off at 5/4 but is now up to 13/10.

There are other selections with shorter odds than the first day of betting.

Tetsuya Naiito, who began at 3/1 and was down to 11/4 by Monday evening, is now at 23/10.

Hiroshi Tanahashi was snipped to 4/1 from 5/1 within the first three days.

Will Ospreay dropped from 15/2 to 13/2 in the first three days and was moved to 6/1 yesterday.

Shingo Takagi was lowered from 20s into 17/1 yesterday.

All of the other selections' prices can be found in the table below.

G1 Climax 29 - Outright Winner Betting

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