Saturday, 13 July 2019

Pollock/Meltzer Prop Bets For Extreme Rules 2019 Published

Kambi has published a couple of new prop bets which kind of reports from Dave Meltzer and John Pollock, from POST Wrestling, competing against each another.

The props appear in a category titled 'Battle of the Dirtsheets'. The first is focused on the report - written by Pollock - which states that Kevin Owens .vs. Dolph Ziggler is another match 'expected to be added to Extreme Rules'.

Pollock's article notes that Owens versus Ziggler has been booked to be a part of tomorrow's card despite it not being official as of the time of writing.

The proposition question, for the POST Wrestling / John Pollock special, is ' Upvote or Downvote: Owens .vs. Ziggler is a match on the card?'

Kambi is offering 'Yes' as a 1/4 favourite. Its opposing selection - 'No' - is 5/2.

In contrast, the Dave Meltzer themed prop is titled 'Plans Change' and is offering customers the opportunity to bet whether or not a new match is added to Sunday's card.

The wording of the prop goes like this:

'Any other match is added to the main card - a new match not listed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (July 15 Edition) must start on the main card for bets to be settled as YES. Changes from current match stipulations/number of participants or MITB cash-in will not be considered as a new match'.

This obviously means that, should Owens .vs. Ziggler - or any other match other than the ones that Meltzer wrote about in the current issue of the Observer - is added to the card, the winning selection will be the 'Yes' at 2/5.

If no new matches are added, the winning selection of 'No' will pay out at odds of 7/4.

For what it's worth, Dave Meltzer wrote the following in the F4W daily update from Wednesday: 'At the latest booking meeting, the decision was not to add any new matches to Sunday's Extreme Rules show. There were a number of bouts built up, but they've already got ten bouts announced and that is more than enough'.

This would have been written before Pollock's article from yesterday, so POST Wrestling's report is the freshest story of the two.

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