Thursday, 11 July 2019

Rumble 2020 Betting

I'm sure this is going to change many times between now and January, but I have just placed a couple of bets on who I believe will win the men's 2020 Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens.

The idea came to me while thinking back to his babyface turn last week and the incredible follow up this week.

It struck me that the match that makes the most sense - as it stands right now - for the WWE Championship is Owens versus Brock Lesnar.

I'm not stating it'll be the Mania main event because I still believe it will be what ever Roman Reigns is doing, but I cannot shake off the feeling that we're getting Owens/Lesnar as Smackdown's major story going into the April 5th event.

Sky Bet had Owens at 22/1 and Kambi had him at 25/1 when I struck my bets.


  1. Do you think Taker vs Finn Balor or Taker vs AJ Styles is possible for Wrestlemania

    BTW Taker is apparently scheduled for Summerslam. Is Drew perfect lock for him now?

    1. Anything is possible.

      I didn't think for a moment that Taker wasn't scheduled for SummerSlam as I doubt he would have done Extreme Rules if he's only coming in for one shot.

      Read in the Observer that Taker .vs. McIntyre is being advertised locally, but - as per usual - I always take the advertised matches with a pinch of salt even though it would be the obvious opponent considering the current storyline.


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