Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Sky Bet Releases Odds For Sunday's Last Man Standing Match

Sky Bet has added another match market to its coverage of this weekend's WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

It's for the last man standing match between Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. The latter has been installed as a 13/8 outsider.

A winning bet on Strowman will pay out at 4/9.

I pointed out - in the most recent post - that the firm has put up a market for the Ricochet .vs. AJ Styles match.


  1. Do you think Bobby Lashley can be next opponent for Seth Rollins?

    I mean it's possible if Lashley wins here

    1. Very possible. I reckon he's winning on Sunday.

    2. I think so too. He has been booked well lately. The way he destroyed Mysterio last night, I think he might be one of the choices for Seth Rollins

    3. Also Is Strowman really dealing with some kind of injury ?

    4. I haven't heard anything about new injuries.


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