Thursday, 31 October 2019

5Dimes' WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Prices As Of 10AM GMT

I don't know how many updates I'll be able to do for today's WWE Crown Jewel 2019, but here's some notes I've been able to take from the match markets from 5Dimes this morning.

I first wrote about the market for Team Hogan .vs. Team Hogan on October 28th. At the time, Hulk Hogan's representatives were -350 favourites while Flair's team could be found at +250.
By the following morning, Team Hogan had dropped to -475 and its opposition was pushed out to +325.
Last night, I noticed that Team Flair had dropped from the aforementioned +325 into +260 and, as a result, Team Hogan was moved up from the -475 to -380.
The prices are unchanged as of 10:00AM GMT.

Braun Strowman .vs. Tyson Fury
Just like the 5-on-5 market, I first came across the one for Strowman .vs. Fury on October 28th. The former was a +350 outsider to Fury's -530.
The market stayed at these numbers until yesterday morning when Strowman's price was surprisingly cut from +350 into +300 and Fury was pushed to -420.
By 9:30PM GMT last night, Fury's odds had fallen to -600 while Strowman was moved to +400. They remain at these odds as of 10:00AM GMT.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Cain Velasquez
Brock Lesnar was a -230 favourite to successfully retain the WWE Championship when I came across the market on October 28th. At the time, a decision in favour of Cain Velasquez was being offered at +170.
When I checked in the following morning, the challenger's odds had lowered to +165 while Lesnar was moved to -215. Cain's odds slid again that day as he was down to +130 by 11:45PM GMT. Lesnar was moved to -170 at this point.
When I checked in at 10:00AM GMT yesterday, Lesnar had been moved down to -210 and Velasuez was up to +160.
This morning's visit has once again seen Lesnar's odds fall as he is now at -270. Velasquez is now at +190.

Mansoor .vs. Cesaro
Mansoor was a -1,050 fave when the market was first put up on October 28th. He was backed into -1,500 by 10AM GMT on Tuesday morning and has remained at this price so far. Cesaro went from +550 to +700 in this time.

Seth Rollins .vs. Bray Wyatt
This market had Seth Rollins as a -180 favourite to keep the Universal Championship with a win over Bray Wyatt (+140) when it launched on October 28th.
By the following morning, Wyatt's price had lowered to +120 with Rollins then placed at -160.
This morning's pricing has Rollins and Wyatt back to where they were on the 28th.

Tag Team Turmoil
The Viking Raiders are -105 favourites to win the tag team World Cup as of this morning. As noted yesterday, the selection for The O.C. plummeted over here in Europe and was backed down from +1,300 to +325 yesterday afternoon with 5Dimes despite remaining +1,000 with BetOnline. The team is now up to +425 following The Viking Raiders' descent.

Here are the moves I've recorded for the Viking Raiders since the book was opened.

28/10 PM: +190
29/10 AM: +160
30/10 PM: -110
31/10 AM: -105

Battle Royal
The favourite to win the battle royal is Humberto Carillo. He's currently -125. He was +250 when I first came across the market on October 28th.

Odds from 5Dimes.

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