Sunday, 24 November 2019

Notes About BetOnline's Survivor Series Prices

In a post published yesterday, I mentioned that BetOnline had released betting markets for last night's NXT TakeOver and I promised that I would dedicate a post sometime today to covering the firm's prices for Survivor Series.

I first came across these markets on Friday morning and made note of the prices with the intention of writing about any adjustments that may have been. There has only been one market that has been active since that time.

It has been in the market for the women's elimination match.

BetOnline's WWE Survivor Series 2019 Markets - Women's Elimination Match

You'll see, in the clip of my notes above, that Team Raw has been backed from +160 to +125 between Friday and this morning. The selection was at +140 when I checked in yesterday shortly before I wrote the post about the NXT markets.

Team Raw isn't the only selection that has moved, however. The Team NXT selection - which was +100 on Monday - has fluctuated since then. It was +110 last night, but is now back into +100 as of the time of writing.

Despite the other two teams moving around, the bookies have kept Team Smackdown at +200.

The market for the men's elimination match has had Team Smackdown as -125 faves. A win for Team Raw will pay out at +175 and one for Team NXT is +225.

The Viking Raiders are -125 to win the triple threat featuring the company's tag team champions. Their opponents - The Undisputed Era and The New Day - are +200 and +300 respectively.

Shayna Baszler is +110 to beat Becky Lynch (+150) and Bayley (+200). I am surprised to see Bayley third in the betting considering she is a second-favourite elsewhere and William Hill even opened with the Smackdown Women's Champion as fave earlier this week.

AJ Styles is -125 to win the triple threat match consisting of the secondary titleholders. A decision for Shinsuke Nakamura will pay out at +150 and one for Roderick Strong will award the gamber at +300.

WWE Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt, is -600 for his match with Daniel Bryan (+250) while - in the WWE Championship market - titleholder, Brock Lesnar, is -400 to go over Rey Mysterio (+250) in their no holds barred contest.

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