Saturday, 9 November 2019

Survivor Series (2019) Markets From Kambi

Kambi's oddsmakers have released markets for this year's WWE Survivor Series.

The first is for the match winner out of the tag team champions. WWE Raw Tag Team Champions - The Viking Raiders - have been installed as 3/4 favourites. Next up are NXT's titleholders, The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) at 2/1 followed by the The New Day (13/5), who won the WWE Smackdown tag straps on last night's show.

WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, is a 1/3 fave for his title defence against Rey Mysterio (2/1).

There are two 'Match winner' markets for the women's triple threat match.

Customers can gamble on Shayna Baszler (7/10), Bayley (12/5) or Becky Lynch (12/5) in one while - in the other - there is an option to gamble on Baszler (7/10) or 'Either of the 'main; roster representatives' (EVS) going over.

There are specials available alongside the match winner markets for all matches. There are also Over/Under Wrestling Observer star ratings lines for the bouts. Here are the lines as of this afternoon:

Men Tag Champions Triple Threat: 3.75 Stars
Brock Lesnar .vs. Rey Mysterio: 3 Stars
Women Champions Triple Threat: 3.75

Before today, Kambi had Survivor Series markets dating back to late-August up to October 31st (the day when WWE revealed that NXT will be involved with this year's PPV). I did not cover these markets as I felt there was a chance - with the brand split - that there would be a change to how the Survivor Series event would be constructed. I still kept record of all price adjustments in case the Raw .vs. Smackdown theme continued, but time has now made those markets obsolete.

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