Sunday, 24 November 2019

A 50/1 RequestABet Wager I've Placed On The Survivor Series

I have placed a gamble on one of Sky Bet's RequestABet specials for tonight's event.

Before I explain what I've bet, I want to make it clear that at least one of the selections in this 50/1 bet is against a result I think might happen on tonight's show. However, at 50s, and seeing as it contained a list of wrestlers I've already backed in singles - or have a feeling will win - I thought it was worth a punt just in case.

The special is written like this:

Nakamura, Baszler, Wyatt, Team Raw Men's and Team Smackdown Women's to win their scheduled matches

As I noted above, I had it at 50/1 and it's still there as of the time of writing. I've also sent a text to a friend who asks me to pass him on some WWE bets, so it might be shorter than the 50/1 by the time you're reading this.

Anyway, back to the point. I'll go through each wrestler and try to give a reason for and against why I've chosen them.

In order:

Nakamura - I placed a small singles bet on Nakamura a few weeks ago. I felt that he was worth a gamble as - by winning this match, with the opponents he has - Nakamura would become the... King of Strong and Styles. Seeing the Intercontinental Championship get a facelift was somewhat comforting. What does turn me off Nakamura winning is the fact that AJ Styles will defend the US Championship on Monday night against Humberto Carillo and I have a feeling this is where he'll drop the title. Therefore, I have a slight feeling that Styles could win.

Shayna Baszler - the only other person I could see win the women's triple threat is Bayley as she was initially positioned as the odd woman out. Even though NXT and Raw/Smackdown seems to be booked separately, I have a feeling Baszler has to win here after taking the pinfall last night in the women's War Games match (although that result from yesterday was more about setting up Rhea Ripley for a title challenge, I would presume).

Wyatt - I think Wyatt is the name on this list who has the strongest chance of winning. The slight concern I have - which was brought up by someone I speak with about wrestling betting -  is if they give Bryan a win by disqualification to keep their program going to Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019.

Team Smackdown Women - Maybe I should be more concerned about this one than any other. The thing is, I feel that Team Smackdown should be at the top of the markets for this match. Instead, its in third place

Team Raw Men - This is the one I believe has the strongest chance of slipping up for me. Even though Team Raw is the favourite in betting, I cannot shake off the thought that this will be a win for Team NXT.

The 50/1 was just too appealing to turn down considering how many of the selections I believe have strong chances of going over tonight.

Here's the full lineup from Sky Bet as of the time of posting. More will likely be added throughout the day.

Survivor Series 2019 RequestABet From Sky
Click on image to expand

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