Tuesday, 14 January 2020

2nd Rumble Entrant Specials

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published a handful of specials that focus on the second entrant of the men's Royal Rumble match.

We all know that WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - will be the first man entered into the battle royal in a week from Sunday. However, as we don't know who the second entrant is, Kambi has installed markets in which customers can bet on who they think it'll be and how they perform (or not perform!) in the match.

A couple of nemesis' of Lesnar - Cain Velasquez and Roman Reigns - are joint 5/2 favourites in the betting. The list includes other names like R-Truth 7/1, Matt Riddle 10/1, Edge 17/1, Ricochet 33/1, Bill Goldberg 50/1, Daniel Cormier 66/1 and more.

There are six proposition as well.

The first, titled 'Beats the #30 buzzer', asks customers whether the second entrant will still be 'an active match participant at time of buzzer for entry #30'. The odds for 'Yes' are currently 23/20 while the option to wager on the wrestler not still being in the running when the final entrant becomes a runner is 8/13.

1/2 is being offered on the prospect of the entrant being 'conquered before #3 buzzer'. This obviously means that the wrestler would have been eliminated by Brock Lesnar before the timer ticks to zero for the third entry. Those who think the wrestler will still be in the match when the third wrestler is eligible can find 'No' at 7/5.

The prop titled 'Immediate Impact' asks customers to bet whether or not they believe the second entrant will eliminate Lesnar before the buzzer for the third entrant sounds. The 'Yes' is 9/5 and the 'No' is 4/11.

In 'Outlasts the Beast' the proposition asks whether entrant two 'is eliminated after Brock Lesnar or wins the match'. 5/4 is being offered for 'Yes' while a winning wager on 'No' will pay out at 11/20.

There's an Over/Under prop which asks whether the person is 'credited as having eliminated 3 or more participants' in the match. 'Yes' is 13/10 while those who believe he'll eliminate less than three can find the 'No' as a 13/25 favourite.

8/1 is available to those who believe the second and Brock Lesnar will be the in the 'last 2 with Brock Lesnar'. 'No' is 1/40.


  1. I think it will be someone Lesnar can throw around for a minute or two before throwing out the ring.

    So someone relatively light.

    Because when the ring gets full he wont he able to german suplex over and over etc.

    1. With that said, I've had a small punt on Dolph Ziggler (someone who can sell very well to make the beast look great from the get-go).

    2. Thing with Ziggler is he might need to be in there when Reigns is.


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