Tuesday, 7 January 2020

BetOnline's Rumble Markets Published

The oddsmakers from BetOnline have published markets for the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble.

There are match markets for the two title matches that have been so far announced for the event. As well as those two markets, customers can place wagers on the two battle royals.

On last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - was confirmed as a participant of the men's battle royal.

The Beast is a +450 second-favourite to win the match as of the time of writing. He's behind Roman Reigns, who's +175.

As well as a market in which customers can gamble on the Rumble winner, there's also an opportunity to gamble on the person who makes the most eliminations in the match.

I was surprised to see that the oddsmakers have given odds of +200 to Brock Lesnar for most eliminations. He's below Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, who are joint favourites at +150 each.

Lesnar is entering the match at number one. I am confident that he will eliminate the majority of the field so being positioned behind Reigns and Strowman is glaring.

BetOnline's WWE markets are found under 'Game Props' on the BetOnline Website.


  1. Keith Lee at 16/1 is really interesting with the rumors that NXT will be part of Wrestlemania this year. The most logical way to get the title on Wrestlemania without neutering Takeover is to have an NXT person win the Rumble and challenge for the NXT title.

    1. He's one of the guys I backed over here, so would be happy with him winning.


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