Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Lesnar And The Rumble

Brock Lesnar enters his name for the 2020 Royal Rumble
 On last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman announced that WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - will be a participant of the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Not only that - Lesnar will also be the first man to enter the battle royal.

After seeing the promo from Lesnar and Heyman earlier today, I had a look to see whether there had been any activity on Lesnar's Rumble winner odds.

I checked in with the market from Sky Bet and noticed that he was available at 12/1. This was down from the 33/1 he was available at last night.

For what it's worth, Lesnar has since been taken down to 9s at Sky Bet.

William Hill - which also had Lesnar at 33/1 before last night's news - has cut him to 10/1.

Kambi's Rumble markets were taken down last night. However, when I made note of the pricing before their temporary removal, the champ was 33/1 there as well.

What is also worth noting about Kambi's Rumble coverage is the bookmakers installed their regular 'Final 4' offerings over the weekend. Lesnar was 5/1 to be on of the last entrants left.

You won't get 5/1 when the market is republished as I think it's safe to state that Lesnar is going to be one of the last ones left.

When I was thinking of the ways the match could go, every single idea I thought of has him in there until near the end.

Or right at the end.

In no particular order, here are some of the ways I've handicapped the Rumble today. There are a few ideas that even I dislike, but I thought of them nonetheless.

Lesnar is eliminated last and then faces the Rumble winner at WrestleMania
Those who have followed my Rumble or WrestleMania posts should be aware that Kevin Owens has been my one of my top picks to win the Royal Rumble and to then go on to challenge Lesnar for the strap at Mania.
To be frank, I would not be surprised if they go with someone out of left field by giving someone the Lesnar elimination in the battle royal.
A friend of mine thinks Lesnar could be thrown out earlier than my prediction, but I believe the way Heyman's promo went that Lesnar has to either be the last one out. If he's losing.

Roman Reigns eliminates Lesnar to win the Rumble
Remember when WWE used the fans' dislike of Lesnar's long title reign and lack of appearances in the hope of getting a positive reaction to Roman Reigns snaring the Universal Championship from Lesnar? What if this is reverting back to that plan in order to try and quell any sort of negative reaction that may happen should Reigns win the Rumble?

Lesnar is eliminated by the winner, but the victor chooses a different champion
This one could also be applied to the above suggestion with Reigns winning by eliminating Lesnar. If it isn't Reigns, the winner gets the visual of toppling Lesnar, so they wouldn't look like they're ducking The Beast if they were to choose to challenge another champion for Mania.

Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble, is challenged by an outsider post-Rumble
Paul Heyman did the 'this isn't a prediction, it's a spoiler' thing about winning the Rumble in last night's promo. As far as I can recall, he has never said that and been wrong. There will come a time when this guarantee will lose, though.
If Lesnar wins the Rumble, they could do Heyman and Lesnar brag about overcoming all three WWE rosters only for someone to come out to challenge him. In the back of my mind, I'm saying to myself 'please don't be Tyson Fury, please don't be Cain Velasquez', but other names like John Cena and Edge also come to mind. With that said, Dave Meltzer has reported that Lesnar's Mania opponent is not Fury, Velasquez nor Edge.


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  2. What if... number 30 is a big name, like The Rock?

    I have a feeling they will either give Lesnar the win, or number 30 is a huge name/surprise, like The Rock.

    1. He has far too many film projects in the pipeline to do anything like that.

    2. Yeah sadly.. just thought.. what if they are pushing Brock to have major both titles?

    3. As in Lesnar vs Fiend? I would dislike that scenario playing out.

      I think whoever is Universal Champion after the Rumble will wrestle Reigns. I'm still holding out hope that it's Daniel Bryan because I'd prefer to see Bryan/Reigns over Wyatt/Reigns.

    4. Well I mean, Brock could choose the Universal title, and Daniel could win the Universal title elimination chamber match, that would set Brock vs Daniel up for both titles.

      And people will remember when Bryan lifted both titles at Wrestlemania 30.

      Then they can decide to either push Daniel back to the top of WWE, or continue Brocks dominant reign.

    5. The more I think about it, the more I think Lesnar is winning this... I've taken a punt at 10/1.

    6. Me too. But I also didn't want Undertaker to lose his undefeated wrestlemania streak...

  3. Fury has, once again, said "If I knock Wilder out, I'll be at Wrestlemania in April, 100%, and I want Brock"

    I think there definitly is plans for Fury to be at Wrestlemania if he beats Wilder, whether it will be against Lesnar is another question.

    1. And Dave Meltzer has once again reported it isn't happening.

      From this week's Observer:

      Tyson Fury has shown interest in doing WrestleMania although nothing is said to be locked down. There were rumors of Lesnar flying around and reported but we’re told that’s not in the plans

    2. Yeah nothing locked down - as I think him beating Wilder is the make or break deal part of it.

      I would be extremely surprised if Fury isn't at Wrestlemania if he beats wilder with the amount of times he has gone on about it.

      I suppose time will tell. Watch Wilder win now, and and we never find out... lol

    3. I know you've bet on Brock, but it's important to see the bit that also read that it's 'not in the plans' as well as the 'nothing locked down' bit.

      I'll be the first to admit I am wrong if it's Lesnar versus Fury, but I'm struggling to see that this is anything but Fury pushing for something. He's talking far too much about it and he should have been told by now not to keep going on about it as it's spoiling the direction if it really were heading that way.

      Remember - WWE has already hinted that any future involvement from Fury will be alongside Braun Strowman as a tag team partner.

      The only way I can see Lesnar/Fury happening is if Lesnar is not champion because it's going to be a match with a lot of take and give politically and the title should not be in the equation IMO.

    4. Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I don't think for a second they will do Fury vs Lesnar, atleast not with Lesnar being WWE champion, but I'm almost 100% certain (providing he beats wilder) be will be at wrestlemania in some form. I have no idea what he will be doing, though. Andre the giant battle memorial?


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