Saturday, 20 June 2020

19/6/20 Smackdown Viewership Number has published the US Network viewership results for last night.

WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average 2,089,000 people tuned in over the two hours with 2,147,000 recorded for the first hour and 2,034,000 for the second.

This result means that two TV prop bets will now be settled.

In the first, customers were asked to gamble on whether the episode would have a total average audience of at least 2,050,000 viewers.

The eventual winner - 'Yes' - was 19/20 while its opposing selection was 3/4.

19 June 2020 Smackdown TV Prop Bet

The second proposition market asked customers whether Smackdown would beat Monday's Raw by at least 250,000 viewers.

With Raw getting 1,938,667 viewers, the difference was 150,333. Therefore, the winning selection - in that market - will be 'No'.

The winning selection was a 4/5 fave over the 9/10 that was offered to those who wanted to gamble on 'Yes'.

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