Sunday, 21 February 2021

Cesaro Becomes BetOnline's Elimination Chamber Favourite

Cesaro is now BetOnline's favourite to win the Elimination Chamber match to determine Roman Reigns' next Universal Championship challenger.

The selection for a Cesaro victory fell from +150 into -150 sometime between 4:40PM and 6:15PM GMT this evening.

He replaces Kevin Owens who was a -125 when the market was first installed earlier this week. His drift began over the weekend when he moved up to -120.

BetOnline's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Betting Odds

This move is similar with moves that occurred here in Europe which saw Kevin Owens start off as the betting favourite only to be pushed out in favour of Cesaro.

No changes have been made to the other two markets available on BetOnline's WWE Page.

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