Friday, 19 February 2021

MyBookie's Elimination Chamber 2021 Markets

MyBookie published markets for WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 a few days ago. 

When the markets were initially published, customers could gamble on two of the matches set for this weekend's PPV - the triple threat for the WWE US Championship and the chamber match to determine Roman Reigns' next Universal Championship challenger.

The market for Bobby Lashley's US Title defence is currently off the board. However, there is now an opportunity to gamble on the chamber match for the WWE Championship,

Drew McIntyre is a -200 favourite to retain his title in the Elimination Chamber. Just like with all of the other markets available for the match, Sheamus is second-favourite. He's +250 with the firm. The other selections appear in the following order: AJ Styles (+600), Randy Orton (+700), Kofi Kingston (+4,000) and Jeff Hardy (+5,000).

The market for the other match is still showing the same pricing as a few days ago. They are:

Kevin Owens -125
Cesaro +150
Daniel Bryan +450
Jey Uso +1,000
King Corbin +5,000
Sami Zayn +5,000

The markets can be found on MyBookie's Wrestling Pages

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