Sunday, 21 February 2021

Looking Through Sky Bet's RABs For Tonight

Sky Bet has published a selection of RequestABet offerings for tonight's PPV.

In this post, I'll look through what is on offer in the 'Mixed RequestABet' section because the 'Match Winner' section contains Bobby Lashley in all of the selections and I am unsure whether the US Championship match - that is being advertised - will take place.

The first selection that has drawn my attention is the 5/6 for 'The Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase during the event' due to it being something I have a feeling will happen. I don't think I'll gamble on it here as I already backed a similar option with Kambi.

13/8 is being offered for Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn to both be eliminated first in their respective chamber matches. On paper, it makes sense considering they're both at the bottom of the match winner markets. However, it seems too obvious to me that they'll both be eliminated first and that's made me shy away from placing a wager.

I do like the option which will pay out at odds of 11/4 for 'Cesaro and Drew McIntyre each to get the Most Eliminations in the Elimination Chamber Matches'. There is an important 'loser if tied' caveat in parenthesis next to it. I can see McIntyre starting out early and he would need to get some eliminations to look good in defending his title. As for Cesaro - if he's winning (or coming close) - I think it would benefit him to pick up some casualties along the way. 

The offer for 'Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship, Miz to cash-in the Money in the Bank on Orton' at 12/1 does not appeal to me at all. I see Orton being eliminated following some sort of distraction from The Fiend. I suppose the person who requested it might have thought of a scenario in which Orton wins the match, is attacked by Bray Wyatt, and then Miz sneaks in and gets the strap. But - in my opinion - if the cash in occurs, it should really be against the babyface champion.

I'm going to have a gamble on the 11/4 for the Cesaro/Drew as soon as I hit 'Publish'...

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