Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Look At Friday Night's Payback 2014 Betting Action At The 5Dimes Sportsbook

There isn't much to report on in regards to Friday night WWE Payback 2014 wagering at the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook.

For a number of previous pay-per-views, there appeared to be sharp betting action on the Friday evening, this was evident in the rapid change in prices for most, if not all, of the matches. This has not occurred for another month as there are only two odds changes to cover since I last checked in with the sportsbook.

The first change I noticed happened in betting on the US Championship match. The current champion, Sheamus, has been backed from the -475 he had been since 9pm BST on Thursday and is now at -720 (1.14 EU, 5/36 UK). The challenger, Cesaro, has seen his price drift out from +325 to +440 (5.40 EU, 22/5 UK).

In my opinion, the favouring of Sheamus from a betting perspective makes sense. Going by WWE logic, if Cesaro is going to win the Money in the Bank match later next month - which is the consensus opinion right now - he can afford to lose here.

The other change once again centres on the Divas Championship match, which sees Alicia Fox challenging Paige for the title.

When the book was opened, Fox was priced at +1500. Since that time she has been backed and her odds have continued to drop. She is now marked up at +700 (8.00 EU, 7/1 UK). In the same period, Paige has moved from -4500 to -1500 (1/15 UK).

I can understand why Alicia Fox is being backed. Her gimmick is getting traction at this moment. However, it can work either way - she can do the crazy post-match shenanigans following a win or a loss.

The rest of the card remains at the odds they were yesterday. They are:

El Torito -900 US, 1/9 UK
Hornswoggle +500 US, 6.00 EU, 5/1 UK

Bad News Barrett -1700 US, 1/17 UK
Rob Van Dam +800 US, 9.00 EU, 8/1 UK

John Cena -175 US, 1.57 EU, 4/7 UK
Bray Wyatt +135 US, 2.35 EU, 27/20 UK

Evolution -280 US, 1.36 EU, 5/14 UK
The Shield +200 US, 3.00 EU, 2/1 UK

Odds correct as of 8:15am BST. For the latest, check out the betting board at


  1. Agree about the changes happening on friday night for previous ppv.....but the last few have all happened either during saturday night or sunday night just before the ppv with the latter being the most evident for moves e.h brock lesnar bray wyatt at extreme rules and even though evolution did not win their odds changed late sunday too!!!!

    1. I did note that it hasn't occurred for the recent pay-per-views.


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