Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hypothetical Proposition: Pricing Up Orton .vs. Mahal For Backlash '17

If you watched Smackdown last night or have been keeping up with wrestling news, I'm sure that you're now aware that the next challenger to Randy Orton's WWE World Championship will be Jinder Mahal.

Let's be realistic, Bray Wyatt is not reclaiming the title at next weekend's Payback PPV, so work with me on this one.

It wasn't a surprising victory if you were following the rumours that were circulating on Twitter in the hours leading into the show. 

When I first found out, I was in two separate conversations about the news. Eerily, the two people - within a few minutes of each other - joked that Randy Orton's could end up being installed as a 1/50 favourite for the match that's scheduled to take place at WWE Backlash 2017 on May 21st.

A few minutes ago, I decided to seek out one of the bookmakers I know. I put him on the spot and asked him how he would price up the market if he could publish one today.

With two people already guessing Orton would be 1/50, I thought the hypothetical proposition was something other visitors would be interested in. He replied quickly with his initial thought on how he would chalk up Orton.

It wasn't 1/50 as the others predicted.

It was shorter.

Yes, the oddsmaker suggested that - off the top of his head - he would price The Viper at 1/100 to get the W against Mahal in their meeting next month.

For those of you looking for the outsider's price - this would put the challenger out at around 16/1.

It'll be interesting to see how they look when they're published for real in mid-to-late May.

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  1. I would actually be interested in seeing Jinder pull off a surprising win. It's always nice to see WWE change things up suddenly.

    Jinder would have to win due to Shenanigans though for sure.


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