Friday, 14 April 2017

Road To WrestleMania 34 Head-to-Heads

There have been a few more WrestleMania 34 markets released by the Kambi oddsmakers this evening.

Just like last year, there's a market where clients can bet on which of two wrestlers win either the WWE World or Universal Championships first before the end of WrestleMania 34. If neither option becomes champion by then, the 'Neither' will be the winning selection.

As of the time of writing, there are five matchbets. I'll go through the odds below. I've left the market that stands out the most for last.

Braun Strowman .vs. AJ Styles
In this market, you're betting on two names on opposing brands, so you would need Strowman to win the Universal Championship or AJ Styles to claim the WWE Championship first.
Strowman is 9/4, Styles is 7/20 and the 'Neither' is 4/1.
If I had to choose one, I'd have to go for Styles.

Kevin Owens .vs. Sami Zayn
The two former friends were moved to Smackdown this week, so they're both competing for the WWE Championship in this market.
Kevin Owens is 18/25, Zayn is 9/4 and 'Neither win title' is 7/4.
Realistically, it's Owens or 'Neither'. Once Owens moves on from his feud with AJ Styles, I can see him in the World Championship picture, so I can't argue with the short odds they've given him.

Cesaro .vs. The Miz
Both stars are on the Raw brand, so this would require either winning the Universal Championship or not. If we're going with the idea that Brock Lesnar will hold the title right through to WrestleMania 34, then it has to be the 'Neither'.
For what it's worth 'Neither win title' is 2/5, Miz is 2/1 and Cearo is 4/1.

Roman Reigns .vs. John Cena
Wow. This is a tough call. You know there's that report of Roman Reigns .vs. Brock Lesnar being the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 34 that I've constantly brought up? Also - there's that idea I have that John Cena's chase for his seventeenth title win could be his WreslteMania storyline for next year? If both turn out to be accurate, then this might come down to which guy wins the respective championship first on April 8th.
Another thing worth consideration - what if Reigns vs Lesnar or Cena's chase for title 17 is booked for SummerSlam instead of Mania?
The odds are: Roman Reigns 1/3, John Cena 2/1 and 'Neither win title' 5/1.

Dean Ambrose .vs. Seth Rollins
This is the market that stood out the most when I first browsed through the markets an hour ago.
As both wrestlers are on the Raw brand, it'll be a contest to see who becomes Universal Champion first.
The odds for Ambrose are 5/2, Rollins is 13/20 and 'Neither win title' is 7/4.
Working with the assumption that Brock Lesnar will keep the strap right through the year, then the 'Neither' has to be the play, right?
The only thing that could ruin this - other than Lesnar's reign being shorter than I am anticipating - would be an idea that someone suggested to me earlier. What if Rollins ends up being sent to Smackdown? (Thanks Martin!).
In my opinion, I think Rollins will stay on Raw. I think the 7/4 for the 'Neither' is the best selection on the board.

The markets can be found under 'WWE' on the websites that offer Kambi pricing (view this list). A trio of pages can be viewed below:

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