Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Great Balls Of Fire Betting Update For Wednesday Night

There isn't much going on with the WWE Great Balls of Fire betting markets since the two updates I published earlier this evening.

The only market that has shown a sign of life has been the one for the Enzo Amore versus Big Cass match.

After publishing the most recent update, I was told that Enzo's odds had drifted out from 11/8 to 15/8 and I know somebody backed Amore at this point. Cass' former partner's price has now been lowered to 7/4.

I guess what forced Enzo to move out initially was yet more interest in Big Cass. When I last observed the market, he was an 8/15 favourite. If Enzo was out at 15/8, that should have put Cass at 1/3. He's now 2/5 because of the punt on Amore.

For those of you checking in for the first time today, the current odds are:

Big Cass 2/5
Enzo Amore 7/4

The Miz 4/11
Dean Ambrose 17/10

Hardys 8/15
Cesaro and Sheamus 5/4

Alexa Bliss 4/11
Sasha Banks 17/10

Bray Wyatt 4/7
Seth Rollins 5/4

Roman Reigns 8/11
Braun Strowman EVS

Brock Lesnar 1/9
Samoa Joe 5/1

Odds correct as of 11pm BST. They can be found on the following pages:

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