Monday, 9 October 2017

5Dimes' WWE HIAC 2017 Odds Movement Through Sunday Night (Updated 12am)

Usually, on PPV Sundays, I publish a 5Dimes post every hour with comparisons to the previous hour. I've decided that - starting from 10pm - for tonight's show, I'll have one post that will be updated all the way through to the start of the PPV.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin .vs. The Hype Bros
10pm: This market is still showing the same pricing as when it opened. Gable and Benjamin are -2,000 favourites to Hype Bros' +1,000.
11pm: No Change

Shane McMahon .vs. Kevin Owens
10pm: Shane McMahon remains a +300 outsider. A win for Kevin Owens will pay out at -420.
11pm: No Change
12am: No Change

Jinder Mahal .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
10pm: I noted in a previous post that Jinder Mahal's odds moved in from -190 to -230 not so long ago. Nakamura moved to +170 in this time.
11pm: No Change
12am: Jinder Mahal's odds have dropped to -300. Nakamura up to +220.

The New Day .vs. The Usos
10pm: The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions are -135 while their challengers, The Usos, are -105.
11pm: PRICE SHIFT - The Usos have moved into -140. The New Day have drifted out to +100.
12am: The Usos' odds have moved in to -175. The New Day are up to +135.

Natalya .vs. Charlotte Flair
10pm: Charlotte Flair remains a -420 favourite to get a decision over the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, Natalya. A victory for the titleholder will pay out at odds of +300.
11pm: No Change
12am: No Change

AJ Styles .vs. Baron Corbin
10pm: This market had been see-sawing through the evening. However, the market has stalled since 9:20pm when I noticed that AJ Styles went from -105 to -130. Baron Corbin moved to -110 from -135 at this point.
11pm: No Change
12am: The odds no longer matter now that Tye Dillinger has been added to this match.

Bobby Roode .vs. Dolph Ziggler
10pm: Bobby Roode is still a -900 favourite to overcome Dolph Ziggler (+500).
11pm: No Change
12am: Bobby Roode has fallen to -1,500. Ziggler moved up to +700.

Randy Orton .vs. Rusev
10pm: When I checked in at 8pm, Rusev's price had dipped from +400 to +300. He is still available at this number.  A win for Randy Orton will pay out at -420. It had previously been -600.
11pm: No Change
12am: No Change

5Dimes' WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the 5Dimes Website.


  1. Are there any chance of odds coming out for who will be bray wyatt's sister Abigail. There are a lot of rumours floating about by i like Paige for it. Just because she is coming back to WWE. And it would be a good fit. Plus it's a shame they don't have a bet for Erick rowan and Luke Harper to return at HITC in the Fashion Files segment.

  2. No, there won't.

    Bray Wyatt is going to be Sister Abigail apparently.

  3. Do you think Tye will be in US title match?

    I actually dont so sure, he will have apperance at the arena.

    Think about it, because odds in Corbin-Styles macth like 50%-50% all time.

    1. I'm not so sure. I think if he was going to be added, they would have done so by now.
      I think what happened on Tuesday was more to set up Dillinger as a challenger to Corbin if he becomes champion tonight.

    2. They add him on pre-show. Looks like he is new favorite

    3. ..or the guy who takes the fall.

  4. Match To End Via Pinfall On Top Of The Cell seems tempting as the match is falls count anywhere.


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