Sunday, 8 October 2017

HIAC Match Specials From Kambi

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published a few Hell in a Cell 2017 specials on the websites that have their WWE markets.

The main markets that stood out are the those that are dedicated to the main event.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Betting Specials From Kambi

They have a proposition market where customers can bet whether or not Kevin Owens jumps or gets thrown from the roof of the cell and onto the outside of the cage. The 'Yes' is 5/2 and the 'No' is 1/4.

The second prop is more or less about where the pinfall takes place. It has 'Location of defeated participant to be with both feet inside the ring at the time of the referee signalling the end of the match.' It goes on to ensure that the punter knows that 'Top of the cage does not count as inside of the ring'. The 'Yes' here is favoured at 7/10, but the 'No' is even money. I like the latter option.

There's an option to bet on 'Sami Zayn to interfere' at 1/2. This has been hinted on TV.

The final prop on the board is similar to the first market where customers could bet on Kevin Owens being thrown or jumping from the top of the cell. This time, however, you're betting on Shane McMahon falling/jumping. They have the 'Yes' at 7/10 and the 'No' at EVS.

Prices correct as of 10pm BST. Image from 32Red's WWE Betting Page.


  1. There's an option to bet on 'Sami Zayn to interfere' at 1/2. This has been hinted on TV.

    Where it was hinted?

    Also i dont think we will see Sami in this match

    1. Shane fell into Sami during the KO/Sami match on Smackdown two weeks ago.

      This week, Sami tried warning Shane about Owens, Shane didn't listen to him and the camera focused on Sami.

    2. The guy at Kambi must have been seeing what I'm seeing otherwise he wouldn't have priced it up.

    3. I just watched SD at "WWE YouTube page", but they didnt pay attention to this episode.

      For me just hard to imagine Sami help KO. and why he should help McMahon i dont see too


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