Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Updating Kambi's Conqueror Markets For Early October

Kambi's special conqueror markets - where customers can guess/bet when and who defeats certain WWE wrestlers - were taken down earlier this week so I thought I'd publish this post as an update before the markets are republished in the near future.

Roman Reigns Conqueror Markets
Unlike the two other names that I'll cover in this post, I published an update about the markets where you can bet on the person who next defeats Roman Reigns in a singles match when they were put back on-site late last week.
In the post, I pointed out that Finn Balor and Samoa Joe appeared to have been backed because their odds have both fallen to 3/1 with Balor dropping from 7/1 and Joe from 11/2.
As mentioned on Friday, the price for Reigns' defeat occurring at any point from the bet being struck right up to 'Before WrestleMania 34' jumped from 1/4 to EVS.

Brock Lesnar Conqueror Markets
The last time I covered the Brock Lesnar conqueror market was in mid-September. I've noticed that two selections have been cut since then.

Next To Defeat Brock Lesnar Betting Odds For October 9th 2017

Roman Reigns, who has been the favourite since the market was first installed, has moved from 1/2 into 1/5 since last month. Reigns is the rightful favourite due to the reports that the plan for WrestleMania 34 is for The Big Dog to take on Lesnar and become WWE Universal Champion. 

There is a reason why Finn Balor's odds have also descended. This is because the Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor - Dave Meltzer - has speculated that Balor could end up on opposite sides of the ring as Lesnar at the Survivor Series on November 19th. The drop could have been caused by punters backing Balor or the oddsmaker also hearing Meltzer's thoughts on a potential opponent for the Universal Champion and cutting the price.

Whoever ends up in the spot against Lesnar in November, in my opinion, will fail in his quest to conqueror The Beast. WrestleMania seems to be the destination.

Date Of Brock Lesnar's Next Defeat Betting Odds For October 9th 2017

The bettors appear to be in the same mindset as they have forced the bookies to once again cut 'During WrestleMania 34' from 2/5 into 1/5 since my last visit.

Asuka Conqueror Markets
The markets were removed before this week's edition of WWE Raw. After it was confirmed that Emma will wrestle Asuka during next week's Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2017 show, I went back to look at my notes to see if Emma's name appeared on the list. Unfortunately, she didn't feature. Not that it matters. There is no way Emma will conquer Asuka next week.

The markets were still showing the same prices as when I last looked through them. But, for those who may have missed them, here they are again:

Asuka's Conqueror Betting Odds For October 11th 2017

The only name whose price has lowered since it was first published is Nia Jax. Her price went from 5/1 to 7/2.

If everything is done right, Asuka's undefeated streak must continue beyond next year. Therefore, I believe 9/10 for 'No Defeat Until After End Of WrestleMania 34 Or Later' is the best selection on this board. As is 'the similar phrased option in the market where you can predict the date of Asuka's defeat.

Date Of Asuka's Defeat Betting Odds

I'll publish another update about these markets when they're next available. 

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