Saturday, 7 October 2017

Natalya .vs. Charlotte Not Ending In Pinfall Or Submission At HIAC 2017?

I'm now intrigued to see the result of the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match at tomorrow night's Hell in a Cell 2017 pay-per-view after noticing something interesting in the match's 'Method of Decision' market that's available from Kambi.

When writing down, and comparing, the odds for how Natalya's title defence against Charlotte Flair will end, I noticed that that  'Any Other Method' of decision has been backed ahead of a pinfall and, more importantly, a submission.

Natalya versus Charlotte Hell in a Cell 2017 'Method of Decision' Betting

As you can see from my notes, the odds for the third selection has been slashed from 4/1 into 1/2 since the market was first installed yesterday morning.

I find this move interesting because the two wrestlers use submission moves as their finishers. Therefore, and as the oddsmaker rightfully did when he put the prices up yesterday, he sided with obvious option when he chalked up this market yesterday. 

I thought the punters would have opted to go with either wrestler getting the victory by forcing their opponent to tap.

Another thing - with Charlotte submitting to Natalya in a tag match on Tuesday's Smackdown, I assumed there was a chance that Flair returned the favour on Sunday night. 

It's quite a steep drop to go from 4/1 into 1/2 favouritism so I'm fascinated to see how this match concludes tomorrow night.


  1. Carmella cash in during the match to make it a triple threat and win perhaps?

    1. That was one of the things I thought of initially.

      If that scenario plays out, the bets will be voided because the rules state that a change in the advertised match/participants will result in cancelled bets.

    2. Since Charlotte's odds dropped, perhaps Charlotte will have Natalya in the figure-8 and Carmella will interfere and attack Charlotte (causing Charlotte to win via DQ) and Carmella saying something along the lines of "I said it would be me who would take the title from Natalya!" and cash in and win


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