Friday, 3 November 2017

New WrestleMania 34 Markets From Kambi

Along with a batch of previously published WWE markets, the Kambi oddsmakers put up three new WrestleMania 34 specials yesterday.

These new markets have been done for previous WrestleManias and allow customers to predict/bet on potential Mania opponents for certain individuals. The wrestlers that have been covered this time are John Cena, Kurt Angle and HHH.

John Cena's WrestleMania Opponent Betting
This market was taken down last night. This was likely due to the situation with Jinder Mahal versus AJ Styles being set up for next week's episode of Smackdown because a few markets that include Mahal and Styles have been taken down (for example, the WWE Championship market that I wrote about last night).

When it was installed, Mahal was a 2/5 favourite to be on the opposite side of the ring to Cena on April 8th. AJ Styles was next on the list at 6/4.

The other selections were: The Undertaker (3/1), Kevin Owens (6/1), Samoa Joe (6/1), Braun Strowman (15/2), Daniel Bryan (15/1), The Rock (20/1), Triple H (20/1), Brock Lesnar (25/1) and Roman Reigns (25/1).

HHH's WrestleMania Opponent Betting
I think it's safe to guess that Triple H will wrestle on April 8th. Of all the potential Mania matches on the card, I've thought quite a bit about Triple H's opponent long before this market was installed. If you had asked me during the summer, I would have said Samoa Joe (he doesn't appear on this list as of the time of writing). If you had asked a few weeks ago - and especially during the build to Hell in a Cell - I would have predicted Kevin Owens (he's 3/1) and now, if you were to have asked me after Monday night's Raw after Stephanie McMahon had criticized the show's general manager - I would say Kurt Angle.

Angle is the favourite at 17/20. Another name that isn't surprising to see on this list is Raw's (ie Stephanie McMahon's) nemesis - Shane McMahon. He's a 5/4 second-favourite.

The other selections that are available are: The Rock (3/1), Daniel Bryan (6/1), Batista (8/1), Seth Rollins (15/1), Brock Lesnar (17/1), Roman Reigns (17/1), John Cena (20/1) and CM Punk (25/1).

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania Opponent Betting
If Kurt Angle is the favourite to be Triple H's WrestleMania opponent, it's only logical to see Hunter at the top of the market where you can bet on who you believe will compete against the Olympic gold medalist next spring.

He isn't alone. Sharing the favourite spot is Kurt Angle's 'son' Jason Jordan (17/20).

Had the market been published before Monday, I would have backed Jordan because the Angle/Jordan story has to conclude somehow.

Other selections that are available: Shane McMahon (4/1), The Miz (4/1), Daniel Bryan (13/2), AJ Styles (10/1), Samoa Joe (10/1), Chad Gable (15/1). Jinder Mahal (25/1), Rusev (25/1), Brock Lesnar (33/1) and Roman Reigns (33/1).