Friday, 17 November 2017

Kambi's Daniel Bryan Specials

Another two new markets that were published by the Kambi oddsmakers this morning are specials that focus on Daniel Bryan and whether he'll wrestle again.

The first special is a time-frame market while the second is a long-list of promotions that could host Danielson's comeback match.

In market one they have priced up 'Between 28th September 2018, But Before WrestleMania 35' as a 2/5 favourite. This is because Danielson's WWE contract is due to expire around this time. If he does return to the ring, it is unlikely to take place under the WWE umbrella so this option as a favourite is understandable. The other options are:

Before/During WrestleMania 34 9/4
Between First Day After WrestleMania 34 and 27th September 3/1
During WrestleMania 35 15/1
No Match Until After WrestleMania 35 2/1

The market where clients can have a wager on the company that hosts Bryan's first match from retirement can be viewed below:

Daniel Bryan's Next Match Betting Odds

As you can see, New Japan is a 9/10 favourite. It's worth noting that - over the past few days since the Bryan's interviews where he has given percentages on the chances of his return to the ring - Dave Meltzer has mentioned, when covering the interviews, that NJPW isn't a sure thing because the company has its own safety protocol that might prevent Bryan from working there.

It should go without saying that Ring of Honor isn't a surprising selection as a second-favourite when you consider his history with the promotion.

CMLL is a company that Bryan has shown an interest in from the interviews I've heard and read. 

I don't have any plans to bet on these markets.


  1. I've taken 12/1 about Any Unlisted. Just eels big considering all the other promotions out there. For his first match I'd imagine he wont want to be tied down with a contract so going to the likes of Rev Pro (who could pay if he demanded a high price) or any local promotion to get his feet wet would make sense.


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